Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Unions and the Great Transition

I have not talked about Unions or what I believe to be occurring right now, the Great Transition. I do realize that most generations think that they are unique, which is true, but I find that the current economic and political events are part of a Great Transition. The transition to what is going to be either a significantly renewed sense of Liberty around the world, or at the very least in the West, or a significantly renewed form of tyranny throughout at least the West, though more likely throughout the world. My reasons for positing such are based on the Greek situation, the European situation, the American situation, and then the economic instability in general around the world.

In Athens Greece, Greeks are rioting over either the fact that the Greek parliament is giving up their sovereignty to the IMF, or the fact that the pensions of the government labor Unions are going to be nullified. In both cases, the Greeks are justified in being at least irritated, though the latter case would only cause the Greek union workers to look for work rather than live off of the government in Athens. In the former case, the Greek people will soon be in greater tyranny than socialism. I must point out that some have called the rioters anarchists, which doesn't seem as probably in my opinion considering the fact that union pensions are about to be nullified. Therefore, it would make more sense for these rioters to be from labor unions, and I would not be surprised if the union managers instigated these riots. Regardless of who or why these murderers are rioting, they will soon case martial law to be called for on the part of either the IMF, if it gets control, or the parliamentarians in Athens.

Already the effects of the crisis in Athens is affecting the US stock market, and we are likely to feel it until autumn. To look at the US as being somehow immune to the effects would be naive if not borderline suicidal. For the US is easily in the same boat as Greece, though we have not defaulted yet because the US dollar is the international currency. If the IMF downgrades US debt to AA rating from AAA rating, then the US economy will go through the same scenario that Greece is going through, because the IMF would have essentially called the US dollar not stable enough to qualify as the best of all currencies, like the Euro or Yen. I must posit that we are very likely to go through what Greece is going through except we will see union workers rioting in California and other heavily unionized states. That rioting, if in more than a few states, will cause the US president to declare martial law in those areas. If the rioting enters the US capital, then Obama will surely declare martial law over the whole of the US.

I realize that the whole declaration of martial law is a tired prediction from when Bush was president, but I never saw Bush as having any reason to declare martial law. Obama on the other hand said on public TV that he wanted to fundamentally transform the United States. "Ooh, conspiracy theory," I can hear people saying, but I don't find it a conspiracy when I look at the men and women that Obama has on his staff, the so-called Czars. These czars are all of the intelligentsia, having never worked in the free market, who one the whole find that such rulers as the Castro family and Mao Zedong as though they were the greatest men of all time, saving the people from the people, so to speak. If avowed Communists and Maoists are advising Obama what to do, I highly doubt that he would not listen to them. When you look at the fact that the prominent czars happen to be associated directly to ACORN, AFLCIO, and SEIU, you have to wonder if these men and women are in any way influential in those organizations functions outside of day-to-day functions. What I mean, is that if labor union leadership is given clout in the White House, I think that the President is then in bed with the labor unions.

Such a copulatory situation should cause grave concern, because of what all of the czars and what Obama have said. For instance, the Rom Emanuel line that, "You should not let a good crisis go to waste." Well, if the Labor unions in America strike, you will have a crisis. Rom goes on to say, "And what I mean by that is that a crisis gives you an opportunity to do what you thought you could not have done before [sic]." If the Unions strike, America will certainly see a fundamental transformation in America, but it will be a top-down transformation. Such transformations are called usurpations, which is the onslaught of tyranny.

Next, the fact that the IMF can buy the sovereignty of the Greek state says that a bank can buy control of a nation. Such a horrifying possibility was on the scale of New World Order, Illuminati conspiracy theory, because such conspiracies generally involved the central banks of all of the nations somehow having control of the politicians. I know, I know, Alex Jones has held crazy opinions, but I must admit that what he has been claiming is looking like he may get it. He has been saying that the banks control all governments to a large degree by affecting policy etc., but that is looking like that may actualize in the next couple of years if nation after nation signs away their sovereignty to the IMF. That has to be crazy talk, but the Greek parliament is doing it right now!

As for the world economic situation, I see Greece being repeating in the majority of European nations, especially Spain, Germany, and Britain. There will be rioting throughout Europe if the IMF is given sovereignty over the various European nations, because that would mean that the UN controls those nations. If the UN controls any nation through the IMF, then I believe any nation that shows up and gets a resolution passed means that those nations can control the bought nation, like Greece.

I say good-bye forever Greece, hello riots across Europe, hello tyranny in Europe, hello riots in California, and good-bye the chance of true Liberty in Europe.

On Second thought, I think that this centralization is going to be the key to undoing the globalization occurring under the auspices of saving the Greek economy from the brink of collapse. I will be the first to welcome such globalization, because then to defeat tyranny, all anyone would have to do is kick at the one leg and it falls over. I think Chuck Norris should do the kicking, what with his amazing strength and all. (Someone should film as he does it, too)

It is either Liberty or Death, and European politicians are embracing tyranny when I would rather take Death.

Long Live Liberty, and Long Live the Republic of America.

FYI, if the Net-Neutrality thing goes through in the FCC, then I may stop blogging for a while, and I might move these posts elsewhere.