Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Populism in Muse's, "Uprising"

For my first post, I will discuss Muse's famous song, Uprising:

Muse's song, Uprising, is a song in support of some sort of rising up and taking of the Power back. The lyrics suggest that "they" are opposed to our own welfare, politically and spiritually. However, one must not mistake the idea behind this song with republican revolution, as seen only in the American Revolution. Populism is the aim of Uprising.

Populism is generally a branch of Marxism, in that it holds that the middle-class, or the bourgeoisie, is responsible for the ills of society. The lyrics "green belt" are likely a reference to the practice of city-planners to place dedicated areas for flora, to create a feeling of living in a semi-rural city. Tim Harford argues that this sort of city-planning is an effort by the middle class to maintain the bourgeoisie status quo. This idea of the status quo holds that the bourgeoisie is trying to maintain scarcity of housing by reserving the land for leisure spots rather than shelter. While I do agree with the idea that such land is better suited for more utilitarian purposes, I cannot find it worthwhile to carte blanc blame the middle class for the ill-use of the land. Rather, I must stress the idea that the only individuals who actually lobby in city politics tends to be the more wealthy of individuals, who are among the upper class(if their is even classes).

While one can call Muse's call to uprising by Europeans a good thing, one must remember that at the heart of populism is Marxism, with the understanding that the People does not include the middle class. Muse appears to want to knock the middle class down a few pegs and have the People ascend. Muse forgets to mention that Marx, Lenin, and Mao, who were mass-murderers and advocates for total government, each advocated for the lower class to throw off the middle class and take the power back. What the Russians and Chinese got from that is total government, with genocide and the shift of power from the People to a total government.

Muse's song must not be taken as being in line with the kind of revolution that America waged in 1776. Rather, Muse's song must be taken as the likely shift of European politics from desiring democracy, to taking on the yoke of total government. Don't get me wrong, I am not under the impression that Europe is somehow free, as America is free. Europe is currently under fiat government, and the only thing between ability for total government and execution of total government is a crisis.

Europe is not in anyway prepared for virtuous liberty. She has long forgotten what it is like to be free and healthy in herself and in her People. Europe is ripe for either German-style total government or Islamic-style total government via Shariah law.

I only ask, "When will Europe wholeheartedly embrace the shift from fiat government to total government?" I pray that my friends in Europe will be able to alter their present circumstances, before they lose their continent to Islam.

In the future, I will discuss how education in Europe may affect the above.

Wittiness of the Day: "The Revolutions of the Old World and of Asia are started by the upper class stirring the lower class toward killing the middle class. The Upper class then takes over, and the lower class wind up with in a worse situation, probably suffering what the middle got."

Thank you and have a wonderful life,