Monday, March 8, 2010

Thinking about writing about Republicanism

I have been thinking about what topic I would most enjoy researching and then writing on such in a book. I have been fascinated by how governments function for some time. Lately, I have been finding that such particulars of how a government runs is less important than the principles of why the government functions the way it does.

Always wanting to be somewhat different and yet relevant, I believe that I ought to look into the idea of republicanism. By republicanism, I mean the principles that define the perfect form of republican government; that which makes the ideal republic. I would have to pose the principles of the republic against some current and dominant form of government that if most clearly in opposition to republicanism. As a spoiler, I would like to compare republicanism to statism. The differences may seem obvious, but when you get Communist China and Muslim Iran calling themselves republics, we certainly need to differentiate between false republics and true republics.

Eventually, I will type up a list of what I see as the principles upon which the ideal republic would stand, in contrast to the principles of statism. I guess my argument will revolve around the idea that statism is built on sand and republicanism is build on granite.

Thanks and enjoy life while its easy,