Wednesday, March 17, 2010

How to Slow the Inevitable Approach of Tyranny

I have sometimes wondered how we could have come so far here in America and yet tyranny is approaching the proverbial Front Door of America. Tyranny is not quite knocking, but he (Satan) is certainly getting pretty close.

America is not necessarily on the brink of tyranny, and that ought to be debated, but she is nonetheless embracing quite a few principles of, for instance, the Ten Planks of Communism, as presented by Karl Marx in his Communist Manifesto. You can look them up on Wikipedia or Google (a.k.a. The Oracle) if you are curious.

Look at American political history. First, the Founding Fathers, in my opinion, sought to preserve the principles of the Declaration of Independence as long as possible in America. Therefore, they wrote and successfully had ratified the Constitution. The Constitution cannot prohibit tyranny in the long term, because the People can always be fooled inch by inch into accepting such tyranny as Social Security and the Draft. Propaganda is most certainly present today in American government schools (a.k.a. "public schools"), which the Constitution cannot prohibit on its own. God, working through good people, is the real source of our continued freedom.

Second, during Roosevelt''s Devus-Caesar-like reign of three terms as President, the Republicans were establishing beaucracies to slow him down. If an agency is ordered to do something by the President, the agents will first have to fill out all of this crap-to-prove-lawfulness, known as forms. I cannot at this time give you a detailed account, though I am sure that Wikipedia or some real researcher will be able to give the details. Again, The Oracle is your bestest of friends on the Interweb.

Now that we effectively have two governments, the Constitutionally set-up government and the Agentive/Beareaucratic/Departmental government, each has to agree before anything can get done. I will hereafter call the Constitutionally set-up government as the US government and the other as the Federal government. Think of it this way, the Feds can shoot everything that moves, whereas your US representatives can subsidize everything that moves. In either case, they both can kill things, but the second is the less violent and can actually claim Constitutionality as to its existence.

If I sounds a bit pessimistic, consider this. The Founding Fathers created the US government with interdependency-type restraints based on the principles of republicanism. The Republicans of Caesar's, I mean, Roosevelt's reign created the Federal government with independent restraints based on Collectivism, or better known as Slow Tyranny. Statism is Fast Tyranny.

While that accusation against Republicans may seem offensive to Republicans, it ought not be so. Republicans of Roosevelt's time did what they thought was appropriate, with the same concerns as the Mug Wumps (Republicans) of post-Civil War America had as the South was militarily occupied by the Union Army. Republicans have historically been a lot better than Democrats since Lincoln (a Republican) was in office. I hope that is sufficient to nullify any notions that I might somehow hate the Republican Party.

In the future, I will have to eventually define, in toto, the principles of republicanism as I see them. And no, I am not referring to the principles of the Republican party, because that would be irritatingly redundant for me; you can look those up via the GOP's website.

In the future, I will also have to write something on the division of the American government, regardless of how non-CC it may be.

In the future, I need to discuss the phrase, "consent of the governed", as used in the Declaration of Independence.

In Texas, the land of the free and home of the brave,